The Creamiest Almond Milk

Here is another recipe I can check off my bucket list. Continuing along with my almond theme, I decided to make almond milk. I’ve always heard how easy it is, and after reading a much longer than expected ingredient list on my store-bought milk, I gave it a try. It’s a long process, as it … Continue reading The Creamiest Almond Milk


Food of the Week: Chia Seeds

“Raw chia = raw energy.” Quoted from my G.T. Kombucha bottle After taking a few weeks off from posting a food of the week, I am starting this week with a good one: chia seeds, the “runners food.” The word chia comes from the Mayan word for strengthening. This superfood should become something that's more … Continue reading Food of the Week: Chia Seeds

Putting It All Together

I’ve written a lot about food and recipes lately, so I thought it might be about time to write about another workout. After all, my blog is about running for food, not just eating it. The post will talk a little bit about food in order to properly choose a snack/meal for fueling yourself, putting … Continue reading Putting It All Together

Maple Almond Granola

Granola is one of those foods that many people think is healthy; however, most store brands are so full of sugar and calories that it counteracts the once nutritious contents. Oats are great sources of whole grains and fiber in the morning, but if you add too much sugar and oil, that no longer matters … Continue reading Maple Almond Granola

A Minty Morning

Today I had dessert for breakfast. Not really, but it kind of tasted like it. Continuing my smoothie trend from last week, I decided to experiment with a new flavor combination: mint and chocolate. New for breakfast at least—I am no stranger to this when it comes to ice cream time! It uses spinach to … Continue reading A Minty Morning

Food of the Week: Bananas

After taking a holiday weekend break last week, I am back to posting a food of the week each week. I’ll pick a fairly basic or simple food, describe its health benefits, and then suggest a few recipes or ways of eating it. I’m open to suggestions each week! This week, I have chosen a … Continue reading Food of the Week: Bananas

Clean Eating Part 1: Breakfast

Last week, my aunt, cousin, and I decided to partake in a “clean eating challenge.” I had found this challenge on Buzzfeed, of all places, when it showed up on my Facebook newsfeed a few weeks ago. It is a two-week challenge consisting of a meal plan made up of three meals and two snacks … Continue reading Clean Eating Part 1: Breakfast