A Birthday Activity

Remember how I said the chocolate covered strawberry pie fueled my birthday activities? Well this is what I did on my birthday... 24 miles for my 24th birthday! A few weeks ago, some friends were half-jokingly saying I should do it because they knew of people that did. I had been thinking about it ever … Continue reading A Birthday Activity


Killer Workout Ideas

A few years ago, while training for rowing in college, I realized that one corner of campus had pretty much everything you would ever need to complete really hard workouts of almost any variety. And every grueling workout that I performed in school took place in one spot (or multiple spots) on this corner. Naturally, … Continue reading Killer Workout Ideas

Food of the Week: Chia Seeds

“Raw chia = raw energy.” Quoted from my G.T. Kombucha bottle After taking a few weeks off from posting a food of the week, I am starting this week with a good one: chia seeds, the “runners food.” The word chia comes from the Mayan word for strengthening. This superfood should become something that's more … Continue reading Food of the Week: Chia Seeds

Putting It All Together

I’ve written a lot about food and recipes lately, so I thought it might be about time to write about another workout. After all, my blog is about running for food, not just eating it. The post will talk a little bit about food in order to properly choose a snack/meal for fueling yourself, putting … Continue reading Putting It All Together

Should you wear compression gear?

Last year before we left for the World Rowing Championships in Linz, Austria, a teammate and I invested in some compression socks for the seven-hour flight to Germany. We had heard about the benefits of compression gear in athletic performance, especially while flying. Since we were racing just five days after arriving in Austria, we … Continue reading Should you wear compression gear?