Coconut Cream Fruit Tart

This recipe has been in the works in my head for quite a while. I have always loved looking at fruit tarts in the grocery store and bakery, but they are such a disappointment whenever I actually try them. I don't much care for pastry crust or custard, which already kills two thirds of it. Good … Continue reading Coconut Cream Fruit Tart


Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie

So I didn’t really have a reason for making this pie, other than I felt like it. But I am sure glad that I did! Tastes absolutely amazing but has a toasted almond crust, uses coconut cream in the filling and is topped with berries, meaning it is 100% gluten and refined sugar free. I … Continue reading Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie

My Week of Smoothies

For the past week, I decided that I would have a smoothie every day for breakfast. One reason for this is due to my massive compilation of smoothie recipes on Pinterest. This started during my time in Southern California (typical), when I had a snickerdoodle smoothie at a Long Beach bar called NatureWell (recipe posted … Continue reading My Week of Smoothies