Breakfast Ice Cream

Yes that’s right. Ice cream for breakfast. A dream come true. This is the new recipe I mentioned in my previous post. We went a bit overboard with the fried bananas Friday night and decided to do something a little more creative with them. And we hadn’t had dessert yet, so this seemed like a … Continue reading Breakfast Ice Cream


Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins

As promised, here is my second healthy breakfast recipe. I made these over the weekend to last my for the week’s breakfasts and snacks. Yes, they are pumpkin flavored again… I couldn’t help it after I found the recipe though! All the flavors of pumpkin pie in healthy muffin form, complete with almond butter. I … Continue reading Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins

Pumpkin Protein Oat Bars

This post marks the first in a string of healthy breakfast/snack recipes. I munched through these bars last week along with my healthy cookie dough bites quite happily. I even shared some with my uncle (I think he may have initially thought they were dessert), and we both enjoyed them with Whole Foods honey roasted … Continue reading Pumpkin Protein Oat Bars

Pumpkin Mugcake

I woke up on Sunday deciding that I wanted to make something different for breakfast. Overnight oats and smoothies, while they have endless combinations, do get a little old after a while. One of the Instagram accounts that I follow always posts delicious-looking pictures of breakfast mugcakes (exactly what it sounds like—literally a cake made … Continue reading Pumpkin Mugcake

Pumpkin Bowls

Eating at the same restaurant that introduced sweet potato bravas to me, I came across another genius food invention. It also happens to involve orange vegetables, but this time in pumpkin form. In case you ever wondered if those mini pumpkins that everyone uses for centerpiece decorations are edible, they are. And they make for … Continue reading Pumpkin Bowls

Fall Brunch–Vanilla Bean Fig Scones

Brunch is my favorite meal, hands down. Mostly because anything goes. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert—or a little bit of all of them! It’s late enough in the morning that you can work up an appetite and early enough in the day that you can digest afterwards. We always ate brunch on … Continue reading Fall Brunch–Vanilla Bean Fig Scones

Melt-in-your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

So last weekend I actually did a lot more baking than just the pumpkin streusel bars. I had some thank you presents to send and a fall weekend to celebrate, so I had perfect excuses to do even more pumpkin baking. I made pumpkin cornbread, pumpkin cookies, and sweet potato French fries in addition to … Continue reading Melt-in-your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies