Pumpkin Mugcake

I woke up on Sunday deciding that I wanted to make something different for breakfast. Overnight oats and smoothies, while they have endless combinations, do get a little old after a while. One of the Instagram accounts that I follow always posts delicious-looking pictures of breakfast mugcakes (exactly what it sounds like—literally a cake made … Continue reading Pumpkin Mugcake


Nectarine Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

I made this recipe a week too late to add to my chia seed post from last week. But I think it’s good enough to deserve its own blog entry. A superfood and a dessert in one recipe is hard to beat! This chia seed pudding is tasty enough to eat for dessert, healthy enough … Continue reading Nectarine Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Clean Eating Part 1: Breakfast

Last week, my aunt, cousin, and I decided to partake in a “clean eating challenge.” I had found this challenge on Buzzfeed, of all places, when it showed up on my Facebook newsfeed a few weeks ago. It is a two-week challenge consisting of a meal plan made up of three meals and two snacks … Continue reading Clean Eating Part 1: Breakfast