Coconut Cream Fruit Tart

This recipe has been in the works in my head for quite a while. I have always loved looking at fruit tarts in the grocery store and bakery, but they are such a disappointment whenever I actually try them. I don't much care for pastry crust or custard, which already kills two thirds of it. Good … Continue reading Coconut Cream Fruit Tart


Black Forest Oatmeal

When I wake up on weekends, I usually spend the first 10 minutes in bed, scrolling through Pinterest to see if anyone posted any delicious looking breakfast recipes. Usually, nothing catches my eye (or stomach), and I proceed to scroll through my own pins. Some day, I really will make one of the five versions … Continue reading Black Forest Oatmeal

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

I actually made this pie the same day I made the chilled dark chocolate pie. I couldn’t decide! So when I said I ate pie for dessert and snack and breakfast, I actually ate BOTH pies… I tried so hard to figure out which one I liked better, and I really couldn't. Dark chocolate and … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie

So I didn’t really have a reason for making this pie, other than I felt like it. But I am sure glad that I did! Tastes absolutely amazing but has a toasted almond crust, uses coconut cream in the filling and is topped with berries, meaning it is 100% gluten and refined sugar free. I … Continue reading Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie

Morning Glory Oatmeal

This could also be called "how to eat carrot cake for breakfast." All the flavors of carrot cake but without any of the extra fat (sorry no cream cheese frosting on this one) and sugar. I love carrot cake and still do, but I remember being a little surprised after reading the recipe the first time. … Continue reading Morning Glory Oatmeal

Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins

As promised, here is my second healthy breakfast recipe. I made these over the weekend to last my for the week’s breakfasts and snacks. Yes, they are pumpkin flavored again… I couldn’t help it after I found the recipe though! All the flavors of pumpkin pie in healthy muffin form, complete with almond butter. I … Continue reading Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins

Pumpkin Protein Oat Bars

This post marks the first in a string of healthy breakfast/snack recipes. I munched through these bars last week along with my healthy cookie dough bites quite happily. I even shared some with my uncle (I think he may have initially thought they were dessert), and we both enjoyed them with Whole Foods honey roasted … Continue reading Pumpkin Protein Oat Bars