Coconut Cream Fruit Tart

This recipe has been in the works in my head for quite a while. I have always loved looking at fruit tarts in the grocery store and bakery, but they are such a disappointment whenever I actually try them. I don't much care for pastry crust or custard, which already kills two thirds of it. Good … Continue reading Coconut Cream Fruit Tart


This is How We Roll

Kiwi Summer Rolls Now for the next of the recipes from my dinner party: the appetizer. Appetizers are one of those things where if you do them well, everyone notices. When I started planning the dinner party menu, I was really hoping that these kiwifruit summer rolls would be a big hit. It was such … Continue reading This is How We Roll

Surprise Party

On Tuesday, I woke up and decided I wanted to have a party. Not really a big party, and not for any particular reason, but I felt like cooking something fun and having a nice dinner. I didn’t even invite anyone to the party except for my family (who I would have been eating dinner … Continue reading Surprise Party