Chai Spiced Almond Butter

Happy Easter weekend! I finally had some time to get back in the kitchen today and baked through all the top recipes on my to-do list, and then some. This recipe was actually a by-product, but I had the almonds, spices, and food processor out, so I couldn’t resist. Once the kitchen is messy, another … Continue reading Chai Spiced Almond Butter


(Healthy) Shrimp Fried Rice

I probably didn't really need to put the parentheses in front of the title, but just in case you thought I was changing my focus... Here is the healthiest shrimp fried rice you will ever eat. After two weeks of beans and vegetables (even with very different tastes) and a lot of fried eggs, I … Continue reading (Healthy) Shrimp Fried Rice

Spicing Things Up

I’ve spent the past few weeks enjoying meals spiced with garlic, cumin, and cayenne. Delicious, strong flavors that taste good with pretty much everything; I’ve been adding them to eggs, beans, onions, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Last Sunday, I made a big batch of cumin and garlic spiced beans and veggies that I ate for … Continue reading Spicing Things Up

Morning Glory Oatmeal

This could also be called "how to eat carrot cake for breakfast." All the flavors of carrot cake but without any of the extra fat (sorry no cream cheese frosting on this one) and sugar. I love carrot cake and still do, but I remember being a little surprised after reading the recipe the first time. … Continue reading Morning Glory Oatmeal

Blueberry Glazed Salmon

I’ve kind of been going crazy with the vegetables recently… Most people struggle to eat enough veggies, but if it’s possible to eat too many, I think I’m getting pretty close. Roasted vegetables are just so good! Sweet potato French fries everyday, roasted onions, sautéed kale, or anything you can roast or fry with some … Continue reading Blueberry Glazed Salmon

Snowflakes, Super Bowl, and Smoothies

I should probably add snowflakes in again at the end of the title. We have so much! A lot has happened in the past week, and it’s been a while since my last post! I have spent four of the last 8 workdays working at home as we have been bombarded by snow and freezing … Continue reading Snowflakes, Super Bowl, and Smoothies

Mexican Spiced Mocha Pancakes

…with blueberry ginger sauce. I thought that would make too long of a title, but I couldn’t just leave the blueberries out entirely. I’ve had a brunch recipe from last weekend that I’ve been meaning to post, but I couldn’t resist making, eating, and writing about these first, so here they are. But before I … Continue reading Mexican Spiced Mocha Pancakes