Black Forest Oatmeal

When I wake up on weekends, I usually spend the first 10 minutes in bed, scrolling through Pinterest to see if anyone posted any delicious looking breakfast recipes. Usually, nothing catches my eye (or stomach), and I proceed to scroll through my own pins. Some day, I really will make one of the five versions … Continue reading Black Forest Oatmeal


A Minty Morning

Today I had dessert for breakfast. Not really, but it kind of tasted like it. Continuing my smoothie trend from last week, I decided to experiment with a new flavor combination: mint and chocolate. New for breakfast at least—I am no stranger to this when it comes to ice cream time! It uses spinach to … Continue reading A Minty Morning

Food of the Week: Avocados

As promised, here is this week’s food: avocados. As it just so happens, another one of my favorite party recipes (besides watermelon feta salad) involves avocados. I was planning on posting the recipe soon anyways, so this was the perfect opportunity. First of all, is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Its green appearance … Continue reading Food of the Week: Avocados

Welcome Home Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Today my youngest sister returned from a three-week service trip to Peru! I celebrated her return the way I celebrate most things—by cooking something special. I have a huge to-do list of recipes (in the form of too many tabs open in my internet browser), so this was the perfect occasion to cross one off … Continue reading Welcome Home Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Food of the Week: watermelon

For my first recipes, I decided to start off with one of my favorite foods: watermelon. Right now, it is way more than food of the week for me—more like food of the summer! When I’m home, my two sisters and I usually finish a watermelon a day (sometimes it takes two). It’s the quintessential … Continue reading Food of the Week: watermelon