Life After Puerto Rico…

Yes life goes on after getting back from an amazing vacation. It's always a sad first few days back in the real world! It’s been far too long since I’ve been posting regularly on the blog… I sit here right now after my first full day of having no real plans since moving into my … Continue reading Life After Puerto Rico…


Surfing!! … And a bit sunburned 

I am currently a bit uncomfortable in many ways--first of all, stuffed with a DELICIOUS vegan and gluten free feast. Sweet potatoes, gnocchi made with yucca, chimichurri, salad, lentils, squash, and topped off with a plantain pudding and banana frozen yogurt with cacao nibs. I will definitely round up some recipes to share later! And … Continue reading Surfing!! … And a bit sunburned 

(Healthy) Shrimp Fried Rice

I probably didn't really need to put the parentheses in front of the title, but just in case you thought I was changing my focus... Here is the healthiest shrimp fried rice you will ever eat. After two weeks of beans and vegetables (even with very different tastes) and a lot of fried eggs, I … Continue reading (Healthy) Shrimp Fried Rice