A Birthday Activity

Remember how I said the chocolate covered strawberry pie fueled my birthday activities? Well this is what I did on my birthday… 24 miles for my 24th birthday!


A few weeks ago, some friends were half-jokingly saying I should do it because they knew of people that did. I had been thinking about it ever since, not really sure if I wanted to really do it or not. But I woke up on May 3 feeling great, ate some cake, and decided to give it a go! I left my apartment with some money, my phone, and my keys attached to my arm, figuring I wouldn’t be returning for a while. I didn’t necessarily plan on running 24 miles straight since I wanted to avoid injuries and didn’t want to be too tired to do anything for the rest of the week.

12 miles actually passed pretty quickly. My GPS watch died, so I decided to take my first walking break (luckily the FitBit was still counting miles for me). I walked and ran for the next six miles or so, then met some friends for a picnic and walked around a spring festival for another few miles. Then ran home again later! It took a few extra laps around the parking lot to watch my FitBit hit 24 miles. Surprisingly, I actually felt great. I took the day off from working out the next day, but I didn’t feel the effects throughout the week. If your birthday is on a weekend, try running your age! Spreading it throughout the day prevents you from being too sore to move for the next few days. Although next year I might become anything but American for the day so that I can switch to kilometers…


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