Life After Puerto Rico…

Yes life goes on after getting back from an amazing vacation. It’s always a sad first few days back in the real world!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been posting regularly on the blog… I sit here right now after my first full day of having no real plans since moving into my apartment over two months ago. And now that it is FINALLY nice outside, it’s hard to make myself be indoors while the sun is out. Since returning from Puerto Rico, I’ve tried to keep up with the active sunny lifestyle I led there. Oh yeah—I never posted about my last day! Every day was more amazing than the previous one and that day was no exception. We got taken to a beautiful beachside house for the day and did yoga on paddleboards in the pool. So much fun! I even surprised myself by being able to do tough balancing poses like headstands, the warrior poses, and wheel.


Pool with the beach in the background
Pool with the beach in the background

I returned to Boston feeling lighter, happier, tanner, and extremely well nourished. We had a personal chef cooking for us, making amazing vegan and gluten free meals. She had a few dishes such as cookie dough balls, banana bread, gnocchi (made of yucca), and a variety of sauces that all of us were trying to dissect in an effort to be able to recreate them for ourselves. Banana fro yo every night too… I was in heaven in every possible way. Unfortunately she did not create a recipe book with every meal like we were hoping, but here are a few of her recipes on her website And if you are lucky enough to be in New York (not something I would normally say… Boston is better in almost every other way!), I HIGHLY recommend getting a taste of her cooking.

I’ve had banana fro yo a few times and have managed to wean myself off of a sweet potato everyday (now just a few per week) since getting back. I don’t need to be in Puerto Rico to be blissing out! Although I definitely wouldn’t complain if someone gave me a free trip back… I want to jump off waterfalls again! And I’m obsessed with all things coconut after drinking the water with a straw and eating the fresh flesh.


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