A Cake Pop Reunion

Besides training for rowing last fall, some friends and I also started a company. Well, sort of. We created a cake pop business, which started off as a table on the Schuykill River path (strategically next to a regatta). Then we brought them to Vesper Rowing Club potluck dinners, team gatherings, created a Facebook page and an order form, and started trying to work on advertising. We became experts on what to dip the cake pops in, how to decorate, what kind of cake worked best, and the best techniques. We began adding mint or orange extracts to the cake batter or chocolate, giving the pops a subtle extra flavor. Unfortunately, two of the three of us moved to California in January, and so the business ended.

Our last batch of holiday pops
Our last batch of holiday pops


Last weekend while I was in Philadelphia for the half marathon, we revived the business briefly for a Teamsgiving gathering. We were a little rusty and didn’t have the best decorating ingredients, but it was overall highly successful! Animated movie themed with minions from Despicable Me, Olav from Frozen, and monsters. By the end of 50 (!!) cake pops, decorations turned into whatever we felt like, especially when we ran out of white chocolate to dip them in. I can’t share all the secrets, but here are a few of the finished products. All the minions were gone by the end of the night, and I managed to fly back with a few intact the next day (Olav was a little crushed but still in one piece!). See the Philly Pop Shop Facebook page for more pictures!



minion necklaceAnd Olav:


...and Olav

More monsters:


green monster


And here’s all of them!


Last year’s Teamsgiving Pops:

teamsgiving 2013


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