(Post)-Thanksgiving Thoughts

It’s been a while since my last post about dorm baking. And so much has happened since then, I couldn’t pick just one thing to write about for my first post back. Some more exciting news: there is an official, Will Run for Food email account! Email me at willrunforfood14@gmail.com.

On the exercise front, I have run one half marathon and signed up for another one, run a turkey trot, and have finally decided to join a gym for indoor training. 5:30 runs in the freezing cold darkness are becoming harder and harder…

And then there’s food. Thanksgiving alone could be a post, especially when you have 22 people for it, which is what we had. So many recipes, so much food. We also had an 80th birthday party for my grandfather, which was another night of great food and new homemade recipes. So here is an overview of everything, along with some other recipes that I really want to try out if I ever get the time. But that’s no reason for you not to try any of them!

Pre-Race Week: I chia-loaded instead of carb loading for the week before. Check this post to see the benefits of chia. Sweet potatoes were my carbohydrate of choice in the two days leading up to racing.

Philly Half Marathon: so much fun to run with other people! It was perfect weather. I discovered a new pre-race strategy as well that I am quite fond of: set a “bagel” alarm three hours before race time, eat breakfast, and then go back to sleep for an hour and a half. I woke up briefly at 4:15, ate my bagel and almond butter, then went back to sleep until 6. I PRed by 5 minutes in the race, so it must have worked well!

Screen shot 2014-11-30 at 2.32.56 PM

           Ice baths: Not the most pleasant experience, but it feels so much better afterwards. I was already starting to get sore within a few hours after the race, but the ice bath put a stop to some of the swelling so walking wasn’t too painful the next day.

            New favorite salad: pomegranate, fennel, avocado, and arugula. We made this for my grandfather’s birthday, and it is a perfect mixture of sweet and crunchy. I had multiple servings for dinner and then ate the rest for breakfast.

Here are a few of the recipes I need to try out:

Warm up with some of these hot chocolate recipes. I don’t even know which one to start with, so I might just work my way down the list.

Roasted sweet potato, kale and sage, quinoa skillet is an easy dinner to make that you can eat throughout the week.

Cinnamon sugar hasselback sweet potatoes with oatmeal cookie crumble. I can’t really decide if these would be dinner or dessert… I would probably experiment with substituting coconut oil for the butter.

Chai banana bread. Gluten free and vegan.

And, of course, now we can start all the peppermint chocolate desserts! My favorite flavor combination. I think I need to have a cookie exchange with myself just so I can get through all the cookie recipes that are pouring in as well.

Homemade peppermint patty cookies. Just click on the link and look at the pictures

Andes mint brownies will definitely be appearing for dorm baking soon.

Recipes aren’t only for making food! If your skin is starting to get dry or red because of the winter, try one of these DIY face masks. Honey, oatmeal, and yogurt is my favorite.


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