Wildcard Workouts

Every Sunday, I make a to-do list of all the things I need/want to get done. It always involves working out and baking something—activities in the things I want to do category. Then there are always the things I really need to do like stretch and do core, laundry, clean my room, fold clothes, organize myself for the week, etc… This week the list includes get a haircut, but unfortunately I think that might have to get pushed out until next weekend. Because there is usually so much on the list for one day, most things get cut a little short. I often get bored of folding laundry and stop after I’m halfway through the basket, I don’t bake everything on the list, or I call it a day after doing ¾ of the workout (for this reason, I usually plan to do a bit extra so that if I don’t finish it, I still got in a pretty lengthy workout).

But so far this weekend, I have been pretty successful! The haircut isn’t going to happen, but I ran eleven out of ten planned miles, baked three things, started laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. I probably didn’t stretch quiiiite as long as I should have (so many other things to do instead!), but I have stayed on track with my core exercises. This is due to my accomplishment of this weekend—creating a deck of workout cards!

If you quickly lose motivation after an aerobic workout to finish up with some core, I highly recommend writing down different core workouts on index cards and then shuffling them up. After each workout, randomly pull one out of the deck. When I don’t have a plan of what core exercises to do, I often stop early or just decide that I don’t feel like thinking of a routine. If you have one written down, it’s easy to follow. I’ve been pinning workouts on Pinterest for the past few months or finding core exercises in Runner’s World that always looked good, but then I would forget about them. The other day, I went back to my Pinterest workout board and flipped through all my magazines to write down all the workouts. I’ve separated them between core-based workouts and then more aerobically based circuits. I also have a few core circuits from my years of rowing. Now when I get back from a run, I just pull out a card, follow what it says, and I’ve done my core for the day. No thinking required!

Here are a few of my favorite circuits:

This set of 300 exercises claims “perfect abs” if you perform it every other day:

30 crunches, 20 bicycle crunches, 30 toe touches, 20 reverse crunches

15 side plank hip lifts (R), 30 crunches, 15 side plank hip lifts (L), 40 Russian twists

30 bicycle crunches, 20 reverse crunches, 15 oblique v-ups (each side), 10 leg lifts

“Ballet abs”

1 min plank, 1 min side plank (each side), 25 crunches, 25 vertical leg crunches, 20 oblique crunches (each side), 25 knee tuck-ups, 25 leg raises

Repeat three times

I’m gearing up for this killer one I found on Pinterest. The 150 burpees and 110 squat jumps are a little frightening…

100 burpees

90 bicycles

80 squat jumps

70 pushups

60 sec plank

50 burpees

40 bicycles

30 squat jumps

20 pushups

10 min running


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