City Life

For the past two weeks, I have been “plant sitting” for my uncle and (now) aunt while they are on a beautiful honeymoon in New Zealand. This mostly means I get to live in Boston in an awesome apartment, with a roof deck and well-stocked with chocolate. I have not had much time to post recently because of trying to take advantage of everything city living has to offer—yoga across the street, multiple trips to the Whole Foods next door, sleeping in, longer workouts (the November Project), an overwhelming number of frozen yogurt places nearby, and so much more excitement than the suburbs. Can’t complain when this across the street from you:

Welcome to Boston!
Welcome to Boston!


At first I thought I’d have plenty of time for posts since I would only be commuting for 20 minutes as opposed to over an hour, but trying to go to yoga as many times as possible to make use of my unlimited pass has gotten in the way of that. And cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing everything for myself always takes longer than I realize…

Living by myself for the past week and a half has taught me some tips about how to maximize my time (that always seems to go by way too quickly) and minimize the amount of money spent on food. I’m pretty proud that I have only bought one meal so far—that was for lunch the day after moving in when the only things in the fridge were leftover beer and cake form wedding parties…

I have also become a pro at using the espresso machine and milk frother to make my own lattes
I have also become a pro at using the espresso machine and milk frother to make my own lattes

Right after moving in, I went to my Pinterest board of salads (follow Will Run for Food on Pinterest for lots of different ideas!) and picked a few that looked good. Pretty soon I realized that everything seemed to involve squash with an assortment of different vegetables. I made my shopping list of various vegetables, beans, chicken, lentils, and apples. Sunday night I roasted all the vegetables for the week and put them in containers in the fridge. Throw that on some lettuce, and you have lunch and dinner for the entire week! Cooking for myself last fall, I always found that I never ate enough unless I had a dinner already prepared. There’s just not enough time or energy at the end of the day to come up with an entire meal. Check back soon for some ideas of combinations for salads, but really the secrets are greens, a good salad dressing, protein (beans/lentils/chicken) and some roasted vegetables. Last week’s flavor was maple balsamic. Yum!

With these steps, I can just throw together a delicious salad when I get home from yoga, then make one the night before for lunch. I have continued with overnight oats for breakfast as well. Almost no preparation required and I am still able to eat full, delicious, and nutritious meals. If I am still hungry after dinner, warmed almond milk is a great snack. I often make it with one of the zillion types of hot chocolate that my uncle has accumulated over the years. I only eat bars in the morning before working out! I recently made some clif bars with freeze dried strawberries and white chocolate… best combination so far.

Save yourself time and money by preparing everything before and having all your ingredients on hand. You’ll eat healthier and never want to go out for dinner again. I had the day off last Friday for the Head of the Charles rowing regatta and splurged for a nice (but still homemade!) dinner with friends, taking advantage of the roof deck. It’s always nice to cook with someone else. Salmon, pumpkin soup, salad, bread, and mango guacamole:

rood dinner


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