Pie Recipe


Happy 4th! As promised, here is the recipe to the 4th of July yogurt pie. Unfortunately I’m not great at nail art, or else I would provide a 4th of July nail tutorial as well. Even though it is no longer a holiday, you can still celebrate the weather, the sun, or the weekend with this delicious pie! It combines some of the best aspects of summer: berries, pie, and frozen dessert. It’s incredibly easy and a completely original Will Run for Food recipe (developed with the help of my baking friends!). We had a general idea of making a pie with yogurt that was frozen, but after that, it was a bit of experimentation and free form pie decorating. And there are so many other possibilities. It’s an incredibly light and refreshing dessert. I’ll share our recipe and some of the variations I have thought of, but there are so many more!



First part of the pie is the crust. Our pie had a graham cracker crust. Simply crumbled up graham cracker mixed with some cinnamon (optional, but I’m a huge cinnamon fan) and coconut oil—use as much as you feel like you need to make it less crumbly. You may also need a little liquid to help it stick; we used some half and half. Crumble up the graham cracker and mix it with the cinnamon and coconut oil in a bowl, then press it into a pie tin (or muffin tin if you want to make mini pies). Cook it in the oven at 350°F until it firms up, about 10 minutes for the larger pie tin and only a few minutes for the miniature pies.

Ingredient list:

-2 packages of graham crackers (or 6 sheets)

-1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

-2 tablespoons coconut oil (you could also use butter or another cooking oil)

-half and half (or any kind of milk, add until the crust sticks together a bit more)



Next is the fun part! Mix nonfat vanilla yogurt with whipped heavy cream to make the yogurt filling. This makes a great consistency, as just yogurt often becomes very hard and icy when it gets frozen. This is the part where you can get creative! We made a layer of yogurt/cream on top of the baked crust, then layered sliced banana and a cocoa powder sprinkle. Next came another layer of filling and a topping of banana and blueberries. Stick in the freezer for a few hours until frozen (or as long as you can bear to wait to eat it). Ours lasted no longer than the end of the evening, as three of us finished it while watching a movie. But we still had some mini ones left over in the morning for breakfast!

Ingredient list:

-2 cups vanilla yogurt

-8 oz heavy whipping cream (whipped)

-2-3 bananas, sliced

-2 tsp sprinkled cocoa powder

-handful of blueberries

First layer of pie--yogurt, banana, and cooca powder
First layer of pie–yogurt, banana, and cocoa powder
Who gets the first slice?
Who gets the first slice?
The final product!
The final product!

Any part of this recipe can be altered. Use crushed oreos, wafers, chocolate graham crackers, or really any type of cookie as the crust. You could also make a granola crust if you want it to be more breakfast-y. Create as many layers as you like with different fruits—berries, bananas, more crumbled crust, or chocolate will make excellent dividers between layers. You can also mix pureed berries/fruit with the yogurt to make the fruity taste spread throughout the pie. Or buy a flavored yogurt. You can use just yogurt (no whipped cream) to make the recipe healthier, but be warned, it may be very difficult to cut once the yogurt freezes. On top, make designs with berries, bananas, cherries, kiwi, chopped nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, cookies, cinnamon, or cocoa powder dustings. Add peanut butter somewhere—spread it on the crust, mix it in the yogurt, or use it with some fruit as a decoration. Another idea that I will definitely need to try is a layer of melted chocolate directly on top of the crust (s’mores!!). Let it harden before adding the yogurt mixture to keep the layers separate. Create combinations using inspiration from ice cream flavors—chocolate and cherry, banana and peanut butter, peanut butter and berries, chocolate and berries, maple and pecans, I could go on forever… If you don’t want an entire pie, just make some mini ones in a muffin tin, and you will have delicious sample-sized desserts or snacks on hand.


Mini pies in the muffin tin--sprinkles and blueberries
Mini pies in the muffin tin–sprinkles and blueberries



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