Starting a blog is something I’ve thought of doing for the past year or so, but for some reason I just never got around to it. I didn’t feel like I had a strong enough focus or I didn’t think people would actually want to read it. Or I was just too tired or lazy or busy. I started a journal for a few weeks at National team selection camp in Philadelphia last summer but eventually was too exhausted from four hours a day of workouts. When my fellow Vesper lightweight rowers and I qualified for the World Championships, we started a blog to help fundraise, but that ended after racing. Most recently, Fro-Yo Frolicking, adventures of two lightweights in Southern California, has popped into mind as my friend and I sampled and explored over forty frozen yogurt places in the Long Beach-LA area. That one would have been pretty epic, but maybe I’m better off not knowing exactly how much frozen yogurt I consumed in three months… And yes, I’m pretty obsessed with frozen yogurt (it’s healthy!), so be expecting some posts about that. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. But if you ever need advice on what frozen yogurt chain to try, I can definitely guide you in the right direction.

One thing about this blog is that I don’t want it to be just about my life. I will share my recipes, thoughts, and workouts in order to help you. Hopefully my experiences can motivate  and my opinions will guide you in the right direction. Reading a blog about someone else is only really interesting if you feel like it is applicable to you as well. Another thing I’ve learned from experience is that healthy, smart eating is much more likely to occur if you use easy, relatively short recipes. Except for special occasions, my recipes won’t involve any fancy ingredients, require very little preparation time, and may not even require precise measurements! Same with workouts–the more complicated it is, the less likely you are to do it. So all you’ll really need to follow my blog are fairly basic food/kitchen items, workout clothes, and some sneakers! All designed to make getting and staying healthier and fitter as easy as possible.

Will Run for Food is based off of my experiences as an athlete, and I will share the recipes and training plans that worked the best for me. The name “Will Run for Food” also arises from experience–check back soon for a fun workout idea! On my blog, I will focus on the run and the food, giving you fun, easy, healthy ideas for both.  I am also open to experiment with recipes, workouts, or new fitness ideas, just give me suggestions!


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